SPC (stone plastic composite) flooring

1. Valinge locking system (2G/5G-i)
2. Glue less easy installation to save time and installation cost
3. Available for Do It Yourself.
4. Residential and Commercial applicable.
Optional with Super Rigid Core that features
1. Stronger flexural strength. The clicker will not be broken by improper installation and during the life time.
2. 100% water proofing. Much lower water absorptive than normal vinyl planks and click planks with WPC core.
3. Recyclable and eco-friendly. The material could be 100% recyclable together, while click planks with WPC core cannot be recycled.
4. Super rigid core makes the whole product feels like to real wood planks.
5. Perfectly dimensional stability. Dimension changes less than 0.05% after exposure to heat testing, which enables it suitable for different kind of climate. (The value of normal    vinyl planks is 0.15%.)